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post and courier preview…

A few weeks ago, I completed a photo essay on the Piccolo Spoleto festival for the Post and Courier’s Preview section. Hopefully more photos will be posted soon from the article! Sad that the Piccolo Spoleto festival is over : ( Advertisements

published- charleston post and courier PREVIEW section

i recently shot two more assignments for the Charleston Preview section on Bilbliolife and cheap, creative dates! I can’t wait to try my hand at the pottery wheel. cover design by: marcus amaker


just a few details from a recent trip to downtown durham…


jake on a recent trip to nc. i am really beginning to like his new beard. my uncle around christmas time last show we saw at the bowery ballroom– john brown’s body. i am in slight live music/terminal 5/bowery ballroom withdrawl : ( angel oak in charleston. the oaks with the hanging spanish moss are […]

chicago! whitey and abear get married…

we headed to chicago this past october to actually attend a wedding! of course the token bean shot jake cuts all his hair off and is now on his third haircut…eventually there is no hope and it is just shaved haha! jake with his fancy new haircut and whitey henri’s not so sure about this […]

charleston preview photos

last week I shot some photos for the jan. 8th edition of the Post and Courier’s Charleston Preview. I started off at 52.5 Records and then headed over to the College of Charleston’s Communication Museum and finished up photography two local djs! More photos from the actual story to come.

thanksgiving visits!

Today we headed out to Folly again to visit with one of Jake’s friends from high school. We also were able to meet Heather and Todd’s adorable daughter, Nora. I snapped a few shots while we were snacking on the beach. she loved eating the sand! and a family shot…

folly beach

So we did it, Jake and I left our jobs and lives in New York and headed back down south to Charleston, SC. This past sunday, we took a walk out to the Morris Island Lighthouse area. ┬áThere is the most gorgeous looking driftwood out there along with the most beautiful golden afternoon light. and […]